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Antarctica is a land of extremes. It is at Earth’s southernmost continent, the coldest and driest continent on Earth and underlying the South Pole. This vast “White Continent” was once the domain of scientific expeditions and explorers but in recent years, discerning travelers have braved rough sea crossing aboard ice-strengthened vessels or for more comfortable travel, choose to fly across the Drake Passage to be rewarded with the world’s last true wilderness area with an amazing scenery and tremendous and unique wildlife.

Stepping foot on Antarctica, experience the first mind-blowing experience of walking past thousands of penguins, observing them at their most natural environment. Kayak past icebergs after icebergs and if you are lucky, you will be accompanied by the humpback whales – all these are surreal experiences that one will never forget! Accessible only during the summer season, the sun never set, and you are rewarded with endless display of the majestic scenery around you, but only if you can manage to keep your eyelid open!

Best Time to Visit

Antarctica is accessible only during the summer season from November to March. This is the most comfortable period of the year when coastal temperature can rise to 14°C, and there are 24 hours of daylight.


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