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Armenia lies on the foothills of the Caucasus Mountain range along with Georgia, Azerbaijan and Russia. A landlocked country, Armenia boasts a history longer than most European countries. With roots that trace as far back as 3500 years ago, Armenia has been a conquest of almost every great empire in Eurasia and is the first country in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion in 301 A.D. Armenia is also featured in many literatures as the Land of Noah, depicting that Noah’s Ark came to rest on Mount Ararat, which at that time was still officially part of Armenia. It is commonly accepted that Armenians are the direct descendants of sons of Noah.

With such a longstanding history backing Armenia, be prepared to be amazed as history comes alive on your private journey. Explore the numerous historic sights that dotted the country, often in impressive and charming settings. Geghard Monastery, carved out from the mountain cliffs, said to houses the lance that wounded Chris on the cross, Sevanavank Monastery perched on a rocky outcrop overlooking scenic Lake Sevan and many particularly like Khor Virap with Mount Ararat as the backdrop.

Besides visiting the historical sites, Yerevan is fast becoming dynamic and vibrant with a burgeoning art scene and chic restaurants. Taste the national dish Lavash and take time to enjoy the famous wine and brandy in Armenia.

Best Time to Visit

Armenia share similar weather pattern as Georgia with spring and autumn being the two good seasons to visit.

Though spring (Apr-May) can bring some rain, the weather is cool and sunny most of the time. Summer is actually a good time and can get busy around Jul and August though it can get too hot for our comfort. Autumn (Sep-Oct) with its colourful foliage and its cool and dry weather makes this period the best time of the year to visit.


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