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Spain is a vivid country that showcases impressive cultural diversity. With stone castles, snowcapped mountains, massive monuments, and famous traditions such as bullfighting and flamenco, Spain is no doubt a country full of stories to discover for the intrepid traveller.

Spanish architecture naturally blends in historical and modern styles. From the innovative avant-garde works to the classical art of Picasso in the museums, there are definitely art styles that suit everyone’s tastes. Speaking of architecture, the UNESCO World Heritage site Alhambra in Granada should not be overlooked – the palace exhibits the country’s most recognized Islamic architecture with strong Christian influences.

Let yourself wander the narrow streets of old towns bustling streets with old-school ateliers and restaurants featuring world-class cuisines to have a taste of the Spanish lifestyle as well as Spain’s unique splendid nightlife.

As the 4th largest country in Europe, Spain exhibits rich contrasts in all aspects. Ranging from architecture and music to food and art, the dynamics do not disappoint, and there is always something for everyone.

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Best Time to Visit

Located in the southernmost part of the Iberian Peninsula, Andalucia enjoys a Mediterranean climate that enjoys mild winters and hot, dry summers. Spring and Falls are some of the best times to visit with pleasant weather and does not get overrun with tourists, although do expect it to be relatively bustling year-round! Spring in particular can be wonderful, with festivals in full swing such as Cordoba’s Fiesta de los Patios and Easter celebrations, the hills burst into colour with wildflowers blooming. Summer is best avoided due temperatures can soar well above 30°C and August is Europe’s main vacation month and crowds are expected.


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