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Chile’s fascinating geographic feature has it crowned the country of startling contrast with its widely varied terrain from mountain to sea, and climates ranging from Atacama Desert – the world’s driest desert in the north, a Mediterranean climate in the centre, to an alpine climate in the south, complete with snow, glaciers, fjords and lakes.

Visit San Pedro de Atacama and explore its vast golden dunes and diverse terrain. Embark on a remarkable journey of sunrise scenes at the active geysers, surfing on the golden dunes, an invigorating float at the salt lagoons, marvel at the blue lagoons and discover more about the constellations at one of the World’s best locations to take in the stunning milky way.

In contrast to the world’s driest desert, journey to Torres del Paine National Park in the Patagonia where the alpine climate of glaciers and snow surrounds you. Revel in the iconic presence of the Andes Mountains, observe native wildlife and feast your eyes on the arresting majesty of grey glacier.

Known for its production of wine variety at different regions within the country, wine aficionados are encouraged to visit the Colchagua, Casablanca and Maipo valleys to experience the process and production from both boutique and huge-scale wineries.

At Chile, an unmissable trip is one that is to the wondrous Easter Island, Rapa Nui where its distinct architectural culture of the mysterious moai statues and various artistic carvings on stones has weathered the centuries, attributing to the world’s priceless collection of architectural jewels.

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Best Time to Visit

Northern and central regions of Chile the likes of the Atacama, Santiago and the Easter Island are perfect year-round destinations with January and February being the warmest.

Patagonia and the southern regions of Chile are best visited during Spring (September-November) with clear skies and colourful blooms, and Autumn (March-May) for the golden autumnal hues.

Chile’s vineyards are best visited during harvest season in March and April for the ideal grape tasting and wine-making experience.


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