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Mention Jordan and many will associate it with Petra, probably make famous by Harrison Ford in his movie “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade” in 1989. Since then, Petra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site has welcomed visitors from all over the world to explore its ancient glory.

Beyond Petra, Jordan has many other stunning landscapes and historical sites to impress visitors. Retrace the history of the Nabataeans, Romans and Ottoman that once left their footprints in Jordan. Located near to Amman, the capital city, the ruins of Jerash is one of the best-preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy. A visit to the desert in Wadi Rum with its sweeping red sand dunes and towering sandstone arches is a must and our Travel Specialist will arrange a night glamping under the stars. For the adventurous, the Dana Nature Reserve offers fantastic hiking opportunities. End your luxury holiday with a pampering mud spa and experience floating on the Dead Sea.

Best Time to Visit

Spring (Mar-Apr) and autumn (Oct-Nov) are the best time to visit Jordan as the days are warm but nights are cool.

Winter (Dec-Feb) is a good time to visit as the day is much cooler though the night can get cold, especially in the desert. Winter is also the time when rainfall is the highest (but we are talking about ~70mm rainfall and the showers are usually short).

Summer (May-Sep) is the hottest time of the year and can get uncomfortable though you can look forward to having the sights to yourself!

Avoid travelling during the Ramadan month in Jordan.


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