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South Korea Luxury Tours

A beautiful country with a rich culture and its world-renowned Korean cuisine. Today, the Korean peninsula is separated as North and South Korea, and the south being the more popular of the two -no wonder why. There are many reasons to visit South Korea.

Going on an adventure to this majestic country offers you more than just a pleasant trip; with a guided tour to this part of Asia, you can discover the hidden gems of Korean culture and cuisine. And Intriq Journey is here to provide you with the best South Korea luxury tours that will allow you to discover the charms of South Korea and make the best of your stay in the country.

If you want to follow an extraordinary route to explore the rich past of South Korea or outstanding natural beauty of one of Asia’s most iconic areas, Intriq offers you the best itinerary plans for your adventure.

Best Time To Visit


Spring - With cherry blossom trees in full bloom and mild weather, spring is a perfect time to visit South Korea. This pink-washed season is ideal for various popular springtime activities.


Summer - Generally hot and humid, is a great time full of festivals and outdoor activities. If you're visiting the country in the summer, don't forget to visit famous beaches and water parks.


Autumn - One of the most picturesque seasons in South Korea when leaves turn different shades of orange, and a smooth crisp fills the air. Perfect for hiking and exploring the country's nature.


Winter - Cold and snowy, winter is a magical time in South Korea. Besides skiing and snowboarding, some of the winter activities you can do are tasting local dishes and participating in cultural festivals.

Unique South Korea Experiences

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The South Korean Luxury Experience

The South Korean Luxury Experience

Experience the ultimate in luxury travel with a South Korea luxury tour. From the bustling streets of Seoul to the serene countryside, indulge in the finest accommodations, exquisite cuisine, and unparalleled experiences. Explore ancient temples, relax in hot springs, and immerse yourself in Korean culture. Our expertly curated itineraries cater to your every desire, ensuring a truly unforgettable journey. Discover the beauty and sophistication of South Korea with a luxurious tour that will leave you feeling pampered and inspired. Talk to us to learn more about each itinerary.

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Everything you need to know about travelling to South Korea. Cant find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact us for more information.

Not many, yet knowing some unwritten rules might save you from awkward experiences. Nevertheless, don't worry; Koreans tend to be warm and understanding people. And as a foreigner, you won't be expected to know every rule.

Yes, South Korea is safe for tourists. The country has a low crime rate and an effective law enforcement. Still, you should always be aware of your surroundings and follow basic safety rules.

The answer depends on your nationality. Most countries' citizens can enter South Korea without a visa. Nevertheless, there is always a benefit to a quick search before planning your trip. You can quickly check the visa regulations for your passport on the internet.

If you're visiting South Korea, be ready to bump into a local festival. The country's rich cultural heritage makes it a year-long festival theater with many celebrations and cultural events. Some popular events include; Lunar New Year, Jeju Fire Festival, Boryeong Mud Festival, Andong Mask Dance Festival, Chuseok, and Seoul Lantern Festival.


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