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As the world’s leading tourist destination, France has always enchanted its visitors. Be it the historical architectures including the 49 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the palaces of previous emperors, or the plentiful museums and flavorful cuisine, not to mention the world-renowned fashion industry, France never lets its visitors down.

Thanks to the French government’s conservation efforts, many of the structures sustaining precious historical values are either preserved well or revitalized. Other than the previously adopted Gothic and Baroque style architectures, a combination of modern and old architectural styles are more seen in this contemporary age, for example, The Louvre Pyramid in Paris. No visit to France can be complete without making a pilgrimage to the landmark Eiffel Tower and the magnificent Arc de Triomphe.

Home to 1,218 museums, France guarantees that, from the Mona Lisa in Louvre Museum to the collections dedicated to Napoleon Bonaparte in the Palace of Versailles, every visitor can see artworks that suit their taste. After fulfilling visual desires, you may want to satisfy your culinary desires. Regarded as a key element of the quality of life, the French pay particular attention to their food. French cuisines boast a rich culinary history, evolving a vast variety of recipes such as cassoulet in the Southwest and choucroute in Alsace. Different kinds of cheese and alcohol are must-try items too.

Headquartered by most major French fashion brands, Paris is one of the world’s fashion capitals. Get lost in The Avenue des Champs-Élysées to see the commercial side of France. Wander in the prestigious fashion boutiques to have a closer look to the luxury and beauty of France.

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Best Time to Visit

Similar to most countries in Western Europe, the best time to visit France is in late spring and fall, although it can be a year-round destination depending on interests. The country awakens from its winter slumber and flower fields burst into colours from mid-April, with pleasant weather and fewer crowds. In September, the temperatures are still warm from summer, and in October and November, the natural landscapes display yet another vibrant show of colours. In contrast, the Alps’ best periods are in summer and winter, mainly for hiking and other outdoor pursuits between June to August, and skiing and winter activities between December and March. Many local businesses close in August for the summer vacations, but usually does not affect travel in many of the larger cities.


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