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Originating in the middle of the 10th century, Poland’s roots dates more than a thousand years back. Ravaged by the tragic WWII and state wars through the years, Poland emerge standing, amassing an incredibly rich cultural and architectural heritage to this day, serving as an achievement and testament to its miraculous survival through a millennium.

Following the WWII battles and desolate Holocause, monuments and museums can be found everywhere, serving as a poignant reminder and dedication to the difficult times. The Lodz and Auschwitz-Birkenau now serves as a memorial and museum for the visitors to trace this piece of history with a guided tour.

An upside to modern Poland survival through years of political and social turbulence is its evident and distinct heritage of restored Teutonic castles and palaces the likes of Wawel Royal Castle and Palace of Israel Poznanski with Italian Renaissance, French Baroque, and Eastern Orthodox affections. In Poland, where there is a hilltop, there is a castle.

On your Intriq Journey, saunter through the cities such as Gdansk, Krakow and Warsaw, feasting your eyes on the picturesque old towns and stunning architecture of Baroque Royal Castle, Ksiaz Castle, museums and churches within the modern cities. Unwind on the banks of the Motlawa River and set off to visit the UNESCO preserved Wieliczka Salt Mine and majestic views of the Tatras Mountains.

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Best Time to Visit

Poland is best visited during spring (March-May) with lesser rain and warmer weathers and fall (Sept-Nov) for the beautiful colours of autumn painting the landscapes.


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