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01 February 2022

Webinar – Saudi Arabia. The Final Frontier of Tourism

Welcome to Intriq Journey’s first and foremost webinar ⁠— Saudi Arabia

A land of arid desert and scorched mountains, the birthplace of Islam. The only country on the Arabian Peninsula with a foot in both the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf. Opened to foreign tourists only in September 2019, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia conjures up all the romance and adventure of the golden age of discovery.

| Speaker |

Chang Theng Hwee. A trailblazer in Asia’s luxury travel industry

The sense of wonder for our planet earth sends Theng Hwee to 123 over countries across all 7 continents. Just before the world’s border was shut, Theng Hwee and his wife, Siew Yim, visited Saudi Arabia organized by Intriq Journey. We are pleased to have Theng Hwee to share with us his wondrous tales of Saudi Arabia and why it should be on your bucket list to visit when the border reopens.

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