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Stella Fan

Stella Fan


(Based in Beijing)

"Travel...the best way to be lost and found at the same time."
~ Brenna Smith

Born and raised in Beijing, I grew up with a deep appreciation for history, culture and heritage. My passion to showcase the best of what China has to offer led me to join the travel industry, and eventually, to lead Country Holidays’ China offices.

For the past two decades, having travelled wide, with my top favourites South Africa, Greenland and Cuba, I have also brought Chinese travellers to all corners of the world and created in-depth customised tours for international travellers curious about exploring China beyond the surface.

As a founder of Intriq Journey, I seek to provide each and every traveller with a wonderful, stress-free journey that leaves them with memories of a lifetime.

Speak to Stella at +86-1085879261 or write to her here to start planning your Intriq Journey!


Call us at (852) 2885 2181 or email us at to start planning for a holiday that is completely tailored to your preferences.

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