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Kammie Pay

Kammie Pay

Group Departure and Product Executive

(Based in Singapore)

"The best education you'll get is travelling. Nothing teaches you more than exploring the world and accumulating experiences.“ - Mark Patterson

With a strong desire to experience and see the beauty of the world, I pursued my studies in International Tourism and began my career in the Travel Industry a decade ago. Travelling brings about happiness and some of the best memories in life.

Once a destination is set in my mind, the excitement begins when I start researching and planning out for each trip. In every trip, I seek to immerse myself in beautiful natural sceneries, admire historical architectures, learn about the culture, taste authentic local food, and seeing animals will be a bonus as an animal-lover. At Intriq Journey, I hope to make trips delightful and memorable for our esteemed guests.

Speak to Kammie at (+65) 6219 1359 or write to her here to share your feedback about Intriq Finesse or our product


Call us at +852 2885 2181 or email us at to start planning for a holiday that is completely tailored to your preferences.

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