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Latvia, together with Estonia and Lithuania makes up the Baltic states and is described as a country with unspoilt lakes, sea and woods. Enjoying the outdoors, hiking through the forest and picking up berries in the wild in summer is the lifestyle of the Latvians.

Sigulda, located at Gauja National Park is known as the “Switzerland of Latvia” for its stunning landscape, castles, steep cliffs, and beautiful riverbank while Kuldigia is known as “Latvian Venice” with rivers flowing through the streets and alleyways of the town. Above all, travellers to Latvia will surely have to visit Riga, listed by UNESCO as one of the world’s most important cultural and architectural sites. From Middle Ages till today, Riga’s cityscape is a mix of everything – from medieval houses to Soviet times buildings and contemporary architecture, makes Riga a special city.

Best Time to Visit

May to September is the best time to visit Latvia though it can get busy during June and July.


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