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From its inspiring beginning as a luxury African safari camp, Sanctuary Retreats has brought forward its authentic boutique luxury experiences into the legendary Nile River in 2011, creating a portfolio of the finest “floating lodges” as you uncover a tapestry of history and archaeological treasures at the heart of Egypt.


Why We Like Sanctuary Retreats

Chic design

Whether you prefer the stylishly rustic Sanctuary Nile Adventurer with a dash of authentic Egyptian elements, or the opulently modern Sanctuary Sun Boat IV with Art Deco influences, there is something for everyone.


Why We Like Sanctuary Retreats

Personalized service

Sanctuary Retreats has one of the highest staff-to-passenger ratio in the Nile River, clocking at a ratio of 1:3.


Why We Like Sanctuary Retreats

Intimate sailing

Small group size accommodating 64 or 80 passengers mean you can get the most of your Egyptologist guide and not having to queue long lines during embarkation and disembarkation.


Why We Like Sanctuary Retreats

Gourmet cuisine

On a multi-day cruise, meals can make or break your journey. Paired with Egyptian wines, savour sumptuous gourmet courtesy of award-winning chefs at the ship’s elegant restaurants.


Call us at (852) 2885 2181 or email us at to start planning for a holiday that is completely tailored to your preferences.

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