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Galapagos Islands

Cruise, Outdoor & Adventure, Nature & Wildlife


  • Board the most luxurious ship in Galapagos to explore the fascinating wildlife that gave birth to Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution 
  • Face-to-face with the iconic giant tortoises 
  • Uncover the archipelago’s most stunning avian life at Genovesa 
  • Snorkel with sea lions, penguins and astounding marine life 
  • Encountering a remarkable array of endemic species, found nowhere else on Earth.
  • Experiencing the wonder of a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a biosphere reserve.

Ecuador is perhaps most famed for her Galapagos Islands, located more than 920km away from the mainland in the Pacific Ocean. 

This luxury program takes you on a seven days cruise around the Galapagos Islands for the most bizarre and amazing wildlife encounters – swim with sea lions and penguins, stroll past a giant tortoise, and observe a blue-footed booby. The scenery is also out of this world – barren and hauntingly beautiful. 

There are many ways to explore the islands and we have carefully chosen the voyages for your optimal experience and comfort.


Please note that individual itinerary may vary depends on the selected sailing, departure date, weather and sea conditions. 


USD 10,850 Per Person

7 Days 6 Nights
Suitable for Family
** For sailing dates, ships as well as latest offers, please contact our travel specialists and private designers.


Day 01 Arrival in San Cristobal

Arrival in San Cristobal

Welcome to San Cristobal, an island sculpted by dormant volcanoes with ancient whispers of biological wisdom. In Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, the island’s capital, stands a statue honouring Charles Darwin, a testament to the island’s profound role in shaping his evolutionary theories during his historic visit in the 1830s. 

From San Cristobal, you will embark on your luxury cruise. As you approach the Kicker Rock, the air begins to feel alive with the graceful flight of Blue-footed Boobies, Nazca Boobies, and frigatebirds, while sea lions bask along the shoreline. Below the surface, snorkelers and divers are greeted by the enchanting presence of manta rays, hammerhead sharks, and turtles. 

Day 02 Genovesa

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Explore the northernmost islands of the Galapagos archipelago, famed for its extraordinary diversity of land and seabirds. Visit the Prince Philip’s Steps, home to captivating avian species such as Red-billed Tropicbirds, Red-footed Boobies, Nazca, Magnificent Frigatebirds and even the elusive short-eared owls! 

In Darwin Bay, where the sea meets the remnants of a submerged craters, you may opt to hop onto our zodiac to land onto its picturesque sandy beach. Get up close to Galapagos sea lions, marine iguanas, Yellow-crowned Night Herons, Red-footed Boobies, and Great Frigatebirds. 

Day 03 North Seymour Island & Santiago Island

North Seymour Island & Santiago Island
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Rising from the ocean depths is the North Seymour Island, with its rugged black lava rock contours sculpted by primordial volcanic forces. You may chance into large male Magnificent Frigatebirds inflating their vivid red gular sacs in hopes of impressing the females flying overhead, or pairs of Blue-footed Boobies in their ritualized mating dance, proud sea lions nursing their young, or Galapagos land iguanas roaming across the volcanic boulders. Snorkelers can uncover a vibrant underwater life of colourful creole wrasses and parrotfishes. 

Traversing the lunar-like terrain of Santiago Island’s Sullivan Bay, one can uncover surprising encounters of vibrant red Sally Lightfoot crabs dancing in a symphony of life amidst the desolate landscape. Here, amidst geological mysteries that bear witness to the Earth’s fiery embrace, one can gain newfound appreciation for the raw beauty of nature’s handiwork.

Day 04 Fernandina Island & Isabela Island

Fernandina Island & Isabela Island
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Concealed within Fernandina Island’s Punta Mangle is a secluded cove ensconced by verdant mangroves. A haven for avian enthusiasts, this bay serves as a convergence point where terrestrial and marine ecosystems intertwine. Beneath the intricate root systems lies a sanctuary where juvenile sharks, green sea turtles, marine iguanas forage amidst swaying algae, while flightless cormorants, seabirds, shorebirds and their land-dwelling counterparts plunge into the depths in pursuit of prey. 

Flanked by the towering peaks of two active volcanoes, Isabela Island’s Punta Moreno presents opportunity to trek across the undulating waves of hardened lava bear. Along the shores of the Cromwell Current, one can find the archipelago’s largest marine iguanas, as well as flightless cormorants, Galapagos penguins, Great Blue Herons and White-tipped Reef Sharks. 

Day 05 Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Thanks to the ever-shifting weather of the 864-meter-high Santa Cruz Island, one can find mesmerizing diversity of micro-climates as you transition from the lush shorelines into the rugged highlands, including an opportunity to come face-to-face with majestic giant tortoises in their verdant ancestral land. 

We continue into Puerto Ayora, home to the Charles Darwin Research Station and the Fausto Llerena Breeding Center, the latter of which is dedicated to the breeding and reintroduction of the iconic giant tortoises and land iguanas. Along Puerto Ayora’s charming streets, one can also discover vibrant art galleries and quaint cafes. 

Day 06 Española Island

Española Island
Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner included

Arriving into the turquoise waters of Española Island’s Gardner Bay, one can unravel a vibrant tapestry of wildlife where subspecies of colorful Marine Iguanas coexist harmoniously with Hood Mockingbirds and Galapagos Hawks. 

Further westward of the island, the rugged cliffs of Punta Suárez emerge as a bastion of untamed beauty where one can witness the melodious calls of Swallow-tailed Gulls, Nazca Boobies, and Blue-footed Boobies as they dance gracefully on the wind. Yet, it is the Waved Albatross, the largest seabird to grace the Galapagos shores, that commands the spotlight, as pairs engage in a mesmerizing display of courtship from April through December, weaving an enchanting tapestry of love to birth a new chapter into the island’s timeless saga. 

Day 07 Departure from San Cristobal

Departure from San Cristobal

As your final day beckons, we approach San Cristobal’s Cerro Brujo where the graceful Blue-footed Boobies and the majestic Brown Pelicans echo their melodious calls along the pristine shores and a hidden coastal lagoon. A kaleidoscope of marine life awaits beneath the waves. See if you can spot the agile Sally Lightfoot Crabs and the sea lions. 

Finally, we bid the sun-kissed Galapagos archipelago farewell as we transfer you into the San Cristobal airport for your onwards journey. We can tailor a wide variety of extension programs in Ecuador and the Latin America. 

Hotels & Tour Price

SILVERSEA - Silver Origin

2024 Season - Indicative Cost Per Person (USD)

Classic Veranda Suite:
from US$10,850
Superior Veranda Suite:
from US$12,050
Medallion Suite:
from US$14,750
Silver Suite:
from US$18,350
Grand Suite:
from US$28,150
Owner's Suite:
from US$36,750
SILVERSEA - Silver Origin

SILVERSEA - Silver Origin

The most environmentally-conscious ship and the first destination-specific ship built by Silversea, Silver Origin boasts 8 Zodiacs, all-suite accommodation, sophisticated interiors, Horizon Balconies, butler service and the highest crew-to-guest ratio in the Galapagos.

(Built: 2020; Guest Capacity: 100; Restaurants: 2)

View More

&Beyond - Galapagos Explorer

2024 Season - Indicative Cost Per Person (USD)

Luxury Cabin:
from US$10,950
Luxury View Cabin:
from US$11,950
Superior Suite:
from US$14,895
Deluxe View Suite:
from US$16,870
&Beyond Galapagos Explorer

&Beyond Galapagos Explorer

Arriving in summer 2024, this exclusive expedition yacht housing a maximim of 12 guests onboard will be the most intimate luxury yacht operating in the Galapagos Islands featuring top-notch guiding as expected from the &Beyond brand. Natural elements and local aesthetics blend seamlessly to evoke a cozy ambiance, complemented by panoramic views of the Galapagos' ever-changing landscapes through floor-to-ceiling windows. Unwind on the sundeck's luxurious hot tub and lounge area, while the meticulously designed cabins and suites offer comfort and elegance with ensuite bathrooms, featuring either portholes or windows.

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Nov-Mar Category 1

Indicative Cost Per Person (HKD)

HKD 95,980


  • 7D/6N Galapagos Cruise with all meals, beverages, shore excursions and park fees


  • International and domestic airfares
  • Beverages where meals are included
  • Gratuities
  • Personal expenses e.g. telephone bill & laundry
  • Visa
  • Travel insurance


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