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The Caucasus Mountain stretches between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, forming a natural barrier separating Europe from Asia. It is home to some of the last untouched frontiers, beckoning visitors to explore its rich glory. Embark on a luxury private holiday to Georgia and discover its amazing culture, religion, cuisine, UNESCO monuments and fascinating landscapes.

Due to its geographical location, Georgia is an important stop on the Silk Road and traces of ancient caravans are still visible. The ancient capital – Mtskheta is home to the country’s holiest sites, including Svetitskhoveli Cathedral and Javari Monastery while the capital, Tbilisi is known for the diverse architecture and labyrinthine cobblestone streets. Further afield, landlock and isolated from the rest of the country, Svaneti is breathtakingly wild and beautiful with its medieval-type villages and tower houses. It is a place where time stood still.

For the wine lovers, you’d be delighted to hear that Georgia is known as the cradle of wine. Archaeologists have found traces of the world’s first known wine creation in Georgia and the best place to enjoy her wine culture is at Kakheti.

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Best Time to Visit

There isn’t really a bad time to visit Georgia, but our favourite time will be spring and autumn.

Spring (Apr-May) is an ideal time as the weather is cool and sunny (though you may experience some rain during this period) and the valleys are filled with a blanket of wildflowers.

During autumn (Sep to Nov) the weather turns cool and the country is bursting with autumn colours of red and yellow. This period is also the harvest time in the wine growing region.


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