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Straddling the equator in South America, Ecuador is home to diverse wildlife, soaring mountain peaks and friendly locals and cultures. A luxury trip to Ecuador will invariably include a cruise to visit the famous Galapagos Islands. Located 1000kms away from the mainland, the islands are uniquely rich with a great biodiversity and wildlife that Darwin based his Theory of Evolution.

On the mainland, Quito, sitting 2850m above sea level still exudes a strong Spanish colonial heritage and traces linking back to the Inca civilizations. Venture further and the verdant jungle of the Amazon breeds a large variety of wildlife. Ecuador, along with 6 other countries is crossed by The Andes and is home to many mountains and volcanoes touching the sky. Located in Central Andes, in the city of Riobamba sits the highest volcano and mountain in Ecuador – Chimborazo volcano, and the best way to experience the majesty of the Andes and the charming villages is to travel to the heart of the country on a luxury train ride.

Best Time to Visit

The Galapagos island is good to visit year-round and it can be split into 2 seasons. The hot and wet season (January to May) comes with lush greenery and ideal time for diving as the sea is calmer and underwater visibility is good. The cool and dry season (June to December) is more comfortable with active marine life.
On the mainland, the cool and dry season (June to December) is ideal with more pleasant weather and the highland can be cold at night.


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