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Made up of a unique geographical formation of sprawling lands, Indonesia, one of Southeast Asia’s most attractive destinations comprises upwards of a staggering 17,000 islands, earning its title as the Largest Archipelago to exist in the world. From sand-in-toes beach oasis to dense unexplored jungles, lush green hills and landscape to gripping active volcanoes, and rainforests inhabited by incredible wildlife and the largest coastal reefs, it is easy to see why Indonesia is viewed the ideal tropical vacation destination for every conceivable taste.

Take in the rich sights of the vast paddy fields in Bali, fly to remote islands of Sumba and Bawa Island, embark on an adventurous climb to the active and dormant volcanoes like Mt Bromo speckled across the islands. Catch the glorious sunrise over Indonesia’s culturally rich temples at Borobudur or set out on a luxurious exploration journey to the famed Komodo Island and Raja Ampat. Either way, one would be sure to discover the wonders of Indonesia’s unspoiled treasures.

Best Time to Visit

With temperatures hovering around 28 degrees Celsius, Indonesia is a year-round destination but some varying difference on some islands.

The dry and cool season from April to September is the best time to visit Bali, Lombok, and Java. Sulawesi experiences a slightly different weather condition and the best time to visit is during Jun to October. Komodo Island is best during Apr to December.

The best time to visit Indonesia ultimately depends on what you want from your trip so it is best to consult with our Travel Specialist.


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