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Home to bustling metropolis, breathtaking alpine and coastal scenery, mouth-watering cuisine and friendly locals, Taiwan is an ideal getaway in Asia. In Taipei, do not miss the world-famous National Museum to see the finest Chinese artwork, whizz through the night market, get your bubble tea fixes and sing the night off at a KTV! Taipei is a surprisingly entertaining city. But do not dwell too long in Taipei as there is more to explore in Taiwan.

Head to Tainan, one of Taiwan’s greatest hidden gems. Tainan is the ancient capital during the Qing Dynasty and the heart of traditional Taiwanese culture. The city is home to several of the oldest and most famous temples and its old-school streets is thriving with hipster enclaves. Tainan is also known for its foodie culture, with many traditional foods that cannot be found elsewhere.

With so many mouth-watering cuisines, there are ways to shed off the calories too. Cycle a section on the Southern Cross-Island Highway, take a hike in the splendor and sheer heights of the cliffs at Taroko Gorge or Sun Moon Lake and soak in the numerous hot spring luxury resorts. Whatever your interests, our Travel Specialist is here to advise and design your private luxury holiday to Taiwan.

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Best Time to Visit

October to April is the best time to visit Taiwan, as the weather is cool and dry, although the occasional typhoon that hit the coast in October can affect travel plan. Avoid traveling to Taiwan during Chinese New Year as most shops and restaurants will be closed.


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