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Bolivia is a landlocked, sparsely populated country and superlative in its natural beauty and extraordinary scenery. It is a destination for the adventurous, who is prepared to compromise traditional luxury in exchange for surreal landscapes away from tourist crowds. Though the country is seeing more unique luxury hotels opening in recent years, infrastructure is relatively basic. Travel with a sense of adventure and one will be rewarded with the spectacular setting. It is a destination in its own rights, but can be easily combined with Peru, Chile and Argentina.

La Paz, “the city that touches the sky” sits at 3640m above sea level and is the highest Latin America country with majestic icebound peaks and proper acclimatization is needed before touring begins. On the direct opposite, Bolivia’s lowland contains part of the Amazon rainforest. Travel to the otherworldly Uyuni Salt Flat, the largest on Earth comprising miles and miles of dazzling white nothingness and transforming into a mirror lake during the rainy season, has been selected as one of the wonders of the world. Go deeper into Bolivia to visit the 2 UNESCO sites of Sucre and Potosi, infused with traces of the economic gravitas they once held in the Spanish colonies. Experience all of these on your tailored made luxury travel to Bolivia.

Best Time to Visit

In general, May-Oct (winter) is the best time to visit Bolivia as the dry weather brings clear blue skies and travel is less disrupted. Do take note it can be freezing cold in the highlands while the humid lowland will benefit from the cooler temperature.

For travellers who want to experience the mirror reflection on Uyuni Salt Flats, you’d need to visit during the rainy season from December to April.


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