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A Memorable Visit to Southern France

If you’re a nature lover, you should consider a journey to the charming landscapes of Southern France. This unforgettable itinerary starting in Paris, leading to Bordeaux, and all the way to the Mediterranean coasts of the French riviera might offer you an exciting getaway from the crowd of city life. Spending one week or two in the French countryside will surely open the doors to a new world that’ll inspire you forever.

With France tours available to the magical south, you can see the gorgeous nature of Bordeaux, Toulouse and other must-see sites. If you’re planning to spend your tour exploring rich local events and seeing world-renowned locations, a trip to Provence might be the perfect way to have a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Plus, thanks to many private tours and luxury France tour options, you can make the best of your journey.

Luxury tour options by Intriq will take you on an outstanding trip to the magical south. You’ll discover French culture, cuisine and history while having the opportunity to make priceless memories. An itinerary to Provence will not only allow you to take lots of instagrammable pics but also understand different cultures and develop a new worldview.

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