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Social Media Elements Not To Be Missed

Travel is a great social media talking point. For years now, travel on social media has been an inspiration to many – from pre-departure postings to hotel room tours to the various must-do destination activities like diving with sea turtles, elephant trekking and stargazing.

Today, more than ever, hotels are more than a place to rest, gather and relax; it has transformed into an inspirational pod, a dream venue and a social media shareable location.

“Hotels today are moving away from the traditional ‘brick and mortar’ to architectural glamor allowing them to blend seamlessly with their local and surrounding environment, with many focusing on sustainability and offering guests a unique stay experience.” – Jess Yap, Intriq Journey, shared with Lianhe Zaobao (联合早报).


Read the article here: Lianhe Zaobao – Intriq Journey


luxury hotels in switzerland

Switzerland is an integral destination on most Europe luxury tours. And, according to many travelers, it’s a must-visit stop when touring the continent.

The Playground of Europe is a widely coveted destination for its fancy activities, from luxury hotels with sun terrace panoramic views to its ski slopes and award-winning restaurants. Oh, and the Swiss Alps, of course.

And despite being a relatively small country, Switzerland is one of the world’s wealthiest and most innovative nations. And cities like Zürich, Lucerne, and St. Moritz boast an incredibly luxurious standard of living.

So whether you want to enjoy a vast hotel amid the natural surroundings, a day by Lake Geneva, or any of Switzerland’s many adventures, check out the top luxury hotels in Switzerland!

The Best Luxury Hotels in Switzerland

At a glance, here’s a quick list of the most luxurious hotels in Switzerland in no particular order:

  1. Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina
  2. Park Hotel Vitznau, Vitznau
  3. Hotel Villa Honegg, Ennetbürgen
  4. Four Seasons Geneva, Geneva
  5. The Dolder, Zürich
  6. Baur au Lac, Zürich
  7. Badrutt’s, St. Moritz
  8. Villa Orselina, Locarno
  9. Beau-Rivage, Lausanne
  10. Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel
  11. Gstaad Palace, Gstaad
  12. The Chedi Andermatt, Andermatt
  13. Victoria-Jungfrau, Interlaken
  14. The Alpina Gstaad, Gstaad
  15. The Cambrian, Adelboden
  16. Suvretta House, St. Moritz

Grand Hotel Kronenhof, Pontresina

The antique Grand Hotel Kronenhof has been serving guests in the heart of the Swiss Alps since 1848. And it retains an old town vibe interwoven with newer architecture with scenic views of the mighty mountain ranges.

Park Hotel Vitznau, Vitznau

Considered one of the more traditional Swiss destinations, the Park Hotel lies in the warm city of Vitznau.

The 47-suite hotel boasts a two-Michelin star restaurant, Prisma, which offers fine dining options with over 32,000 wine options.

You can also enjoy the spa or a swim in the vast infinity pool spanning indoors and outdoors.

Hotel Villa Honegg, Ennetbürgen

Few things are as relaxing as watching the beautiful horizon in the Hotel Villa Honegg on the hilltops of Ennetbürgen. Integrated into the heart of nature, the hotel offers a prime view of Lake Lucerne, as well.

Four Seasons Hotel Geneva, Geneva

Four Seasons never disappoint. Their Hotel Geneva in the renowned city is a popular choice in many luxury vacations itineraries for its prime location by Lake Geneva and its classic Pierre-Yves Rochon French designs.

The Dolder Grand, Zürich

The Dolder Grand offers a bit of everything in one luxury hotel viewing the whole city and some of the iconic mountains in the distant horizon. The Dolder also provides access to an exclusive spa, a large swimming pool, gyms, and a 2-starred Michelin restaurant.

Baur au Lac, Zürich

Situated between the famous Lake Zürich, the Alps, and the robust Schanzengraben city, the 5-star Baur au Lac combines furnishing detail from neighbouring France, Belgium, Germany, and even Britain.

The hotel is also a popular destination for renowned artists, business figures, and even the political elite.

Badrutt’s Palace Hotel, St. Moritz

Opened in 1896, the 5-star Badrutt’s Hotel lies in the city centre. It houses six luxury restaurants with a free cable car just 500 meters away and breathtaking indoor views over the Alps and Mount Sankt Moritz.

Villa Orselina, Locarno

One of the boutique hotels of Locarno, the Villa offers luxury suites within walking distance of the city centre on one side and a view of Lake Maggiore and the soothing Swiss nature.

Apart from jogging to the city, you can rent an electric bike from the hotel, enjoy their outdoor sports activities, and more.

Beau-Rivage, Lausanne

The Beau-Rivage is hard to miss in Lausanne, despite blending in elegantly with the rest of the luxurious city. The hotel boasts an impressive list of famous former guests, including Victor Hugo, Nelson Mandela, and Charlie Chaplin.

Grand Hotel Les Trois Rois, Basel

hotel fitness center

The Les Trois Rois lies in the centre of Basel’s old town by the river Rhine. It carries the honour of being one of Europe’s oldest city-based hotels and hosting influential world leaders like Napoleon Bonaparte and Queen Elizabeth II.

Nowadays, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi access, the fitness centre, and a BaselCard with free access to the city’s public transit system.

Gstaad Palace, Gstaad

Owned by the Scherz family, the Gstaad five-star palace has been passed down generations since 1913 and has remained a popular luxury choice among international clientele.

Despite its proximity to the city of Gstaad, the Palace offers a vast relaxing ambience with traditional Swiss cuisine, a spa, a health club, and more.

The Chedi Andermatt, Andermatt

The Chedi offers a slice of Asian tradition amid the iconic Alpine mountain range wilderness, just half a mile from the Gemsstockbahn cable car station.

Hospitality includes more than 200 fireplaces, free Wi-Fi, and rooms with your own private beach-like pool setting.

Victoria-Jungfrau, Interlaken

The Victoria-Jungfrau offers an ambient old-world charm that blends in perfectly in the small town of Interlaken in the mountainous Bernese Oberland.

One of our favourite features in the Victoria-Jungfrau is the atrium. You’ll also find six tennis courts, a champagne piano bar, an outdoor saltwater pool, and a fitness suite.

The Alpina Gstaad, Gstaad

Another hotel that fuses Asian culture with traditional Switzerland, the Alpina Gstaad houses one of Switzerland’s best Japanese restaurants, Megu. The hotel itself has a robust outdoor vibe inspired by Kyoto.

Other than those, there are traditional Swiss restaurants as well, including the Michelin-starred The Sommet and Stubli.

The Cambrian, Adelboden

If you enjoy the traditional Swiss winter vibe, you’ll enjoy the Cambrian, which lies just 15 minutes from Bern. However, you’ll hardly feel that proximity when you’re swimming in the beautiful lake by the modern chateau by Adelboden Valley.

Suvretta House, St. Moritz

Last but not least, the luxurious Suvretta resort offers an astonishing private ski lift in and out of the vast interiors. You’ll also enjoy access to an indoor winter sports shop that sells all the equipment you’d need to enjoy your skiing right away.

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