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Discover the underground wonders of Postojna Cave, one of the largest cave systems in Europe. Take a guided tour through its intricate formations and learn about the unique underground ecosystem. Just a short drive away is Predjama Castle, a medieval castle built into a cliff, creating a dramatic and unforgettable sight. Located on the Adriatic coast, Piran is a charming coastal town with a Venetian influence. Explore the narrow streets of the old town, visit the Tartini Square, climb the bell tower for panoramic views, and relax on the beautiful beaches.

Not missing out one of Slovenia’s most iconic destinations, Lake Bled is a picturesque alpine lake surrounded by mountains and a medieval castle perched on a hilltop. Take a boat ride to the island in the center of the lake, climb up to Bled Castle for stunning views, and indulge in the famous Bled cream cake. In the northeastern part of the country, Maribor is the second-largest city in Slovenia and a cultural hub. Visit the historic Lent district along the Drava River, explore the Maribor Castle, and enjoy the vibrant café scene. The city is also known for its wine production, so you can indulge in wine tasting in the nearby vineyards!

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Best Time to Visit

Slovenia’s weather is ideal from late spring to early autumn. The high mountains provide relief from the heat in lower-lying areas; this is a great time to swim in rivers like the Soča. Higher elevations are also gorgeous in September and October, when the fall brings blue-sky days and a spectrum of changing leaves.


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