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Imagine waking up to a different scenic landscape every morning as you sail through multiple towns and countries. Imagine having to unpack your bag only once on your holiday. Imagine your holiday can be as packed or as relaxing as you prefer. With the increasing plethora of destinations and vessels hitting the water every year, it is not difficult to find a cruise that suits, even if you do not have sea legs.

Ocean cruises are typically large ships that sail around the coastlines of the countries stopping in multiple countries and offers many activities and onboard entertainment with several F&B outlets. Cruising with a smaller ocean liner ensures a more personalised service and allow closer access to cities which offers the best of both worlds.

For a more immersive program, river cruising allows guests to stay closer to land as one sail down the rivers of Danube, Mekong, Nile and more. River cruising are usually much smaller ships with limited entertainment.
For guests looking for adventure and exploration to remote and sometimes inaccessible places, expedition cruising are great options. From Arctic to Antarctica, Galapagos to Alaska, smaller expedition ships offer intimate and in-depth exploration of the region with expert guides.

Finally, for great flexibility, freedom and privacy, yacht charter is a great option for families and friends to explore pristine islands, deserted towns, and the wilderness of Antarctica!

Whichever your interest, our Travel Specialist can recommend the suitable cruise that suits.

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