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Popular not just for its Korean drama series, South Korea is a charming and energetic country with lots to offer to visitors. The country has 8 UNESCO World Heritage sights, charming rural folk villages, mountains and thousand-year-old ancient capital to the vibrant landscape and fashion metropolis of Seoul.

Gyeongju, the cultural heart of the country is the capital of the ancient Shilla dynasty – the longest surviving kingdom in the history of Korea. It boasts several historical areas and sights.

The most visited island, Jeju is also commonly known as Korea’s honeymoon island, with its pleasant weather and abundance of natural scenery, from the beautiful coastal terrain to the mighty Mt Halla volcano, parks and waterfalls. And in Jeju, one may chance upon the heanyo, literally meaning “sea women”. They are female old divers who wake up every morning, put on their wet suit and out to sea, catching fish with their bare hands, despite the weather conditions, 365 days.

Seoul is Asia’s new cool and chic capital. With its cutting-edge art museums, high-tech shopping, late-night lounges, and some of the tastiest food, it is thriving with vibrancy. Yet, a short drive from the city, one can still encounter the intriguing relationship between North and South Korea at the DMZ – perhaps the last place where the Cold War is still being played!

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Best Time to Visit

Spring (April to May) and autumn (September to November) are the best time to visit South Korea. During the winter months (December to March), the weather is bitterly cold, but is excellent for skiing and winter activities.

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