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09 April 2021

This is where your plan goes SOUTH: Travel to the Antarctica

The polar opposite of being grounded in Asia during a pandemic? Soaring through the sky to the furthest continent down south – Antarctica. Antarctica isn’t your usual destination, it’s at the very bottom of our beautiful planet, and it’s constantly covered in white on the globes in classrooms. So what makes this place such a wonderful place to spend your next vacation?


Home to penguins, seals, and other marine animals that can brave the cold, this continent is a true natural treasure trove where you can be humbled by nature, amazed by wildlife, and feel calm and serene amongst the glaciers. Not only will you be one of the few people to make it to the world’s 7th continent, you’ll also be unlocking a whole lot of other achievements that can only be accomplished here. The South Pole may seem far, here’s what you can experience for any trip to Antarctica :

Penguins in Antarctica

There are seven species of penguins that can be found in Antarctica. Come and see it for yourself.

  • Penguins
    Waddle amongst these curious birds, from the tall, majestic Emperor Penguins, to the feisty Adélie, witness how they survive these harsh surroundings while looking effortlessly cute. These monogamous birds are one of the few birds that don’t know how to fly, but look prepared for a party on ice in their year-round tuxedos. Witness mating season during the Antarctic summer, breeding ground to 4 penguin breeds.

    Head to South Georgia Island where 3 million penguins flock to every mating season to continue their legacies. This island is a truly diverse place with the most amazing mix of wildlife, simply hop on to see for yourself!
Quark Expedition ship

Ditch the heels and tuxedo, hop onto an expedition ship for this once-in-a-lifetime journey to the southernmost part of the world.

  • Expedition Ship Experience 

    Forget about cruise ships and get the most authentic experience on expedition ships, learn what it means to explore and be an adventurer. Witness firsthand what it is like to be able to break through the ice and maneuver the arctic sea with your loved ones. Minus the social events of a normal cruise ship, ditch the heels and tuxedo and get to really get off the ship and explore. Simply hop off, adhere to the safety rules and the Antarctic world is yours to tread. For expedition ships, the shortest trip is 6 days, but take all the time you need for this once in a lifetime experience!


Kayaking in Antarctica

There is no other place on earth where you can experience the ice and wildlife up close like kayaking in Antarctica.


  • #Kayaking among icebergs and whales

    Kayaking under 0 degrees might not sound like the most attractive thing to do, but you’ll get to see the whales of these icy seas up close and personal without the humdrum of an engine. Kayaking is easy to manage and less physically-taxing.  Snake your way through the ice and get to see Antarctic wildlife with your own eyes. Kayaking with a whale can be an ecstatic and humbling experience, just imagine being in the same waters. 


  • Camp

    Make camp on the ice, get comfortable in your warm, toasty sleeping bags and experience something that’s truly once-in-a-lifetime. In good weather, you may even be able to sleep outside the camp in a bivvy bag under the open sky. Remember to keep your toes tucked in or you might wake up to penguins pecking at your feet. Grab a good night’s sleep in the tent. Next morning, wake up to a view of glaciers, ice, and quiet waters, definitely one of the best experiences for camping possible. 
Iceberg in Antarctica

Massive Iceberg floating in the Southern Ocean in Antarctica with snow-covered mountains in the background


  • Scuba dive under the ice/Snorkelling

    Swim! That’s right you can swim and scuba dive under the ice and explore parts of the world some people will never get to see. Get to see penguins and seals, swim with them in the same waters and be a part of nature. If you’re not licensed for scuba diving, you can also opt for a snorkelling option, where the waterproof suit will keep you warm, and get the full-on immersive experience with wildlife.


  • Whale-watch

    Prefer to stay dry? Whale-watch from the comfort of your ship and learn about these gentle giants who are also mammals like us. Most of us have only seen whales in aquariums, now observe from a short distance how they are in their natural habitat, free and at ease. You might see the Blue whale, one of the largest mammals on earth, or the famous black-and-white Orca “Killer Whale”.

    Brown Station in Antarctica

    Brown Station is an Argentine Antarctic base and scientific research station named after Admiral William Brown, the father of the Argentine Navy.


  • Mail from the post office

    Send the most epic postcard. Send your family some love! The old British Antarctic Survey base at Port Lockroy is now a museum and post office nestled amongst colonies of penguins. Mail to your friends and family from the post office furthest South in the world. It will travel through ice and air just to get to its destination. Just hope the postcard doesn’t get stolen by nest-building penguins!


No matter where you’re going in from, the ideal time to travel to Antarctica is around summer (late November to early March)as the ice melts and makes way for expedition ships to come through and take you on the journey of your life. You don’t need to take a whole month off, there’s just the right length for you. Travelling to the Antarctica Peninsula can be hassle-free, make the most of your vacation by experiencing the amazing wonders nature has to offer in the South Pole. Waddle with the penguins, sail with the whales, and kayak between ice and land, we can make it happen. 

Make Antarctica your next travel destination with Intriq Journey.

Lemaire channel antarctica
Antarctica peninsula
King penguins
Adelie penguins


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