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03 August 2021

Top potential destinations for Singapore vaccinated travellers from September 2021

Is that the light at the end of the tunnel we see? The Singapore government recently revealed it might reopen borders for fully vaccinated persons travelling to specific countries from September, without a 14-day stay home notice (SHN) upon return.

While the travel list is anyone’s guess, our team has been staying in touch with our overseas travel partners on the latest happenings on the ground and we are ready to provide a hassle-free travel experience for you, so that your first overseas vacation in over a year (well, for most of us anyway!) can be a safe and memorable one. Here are a few handpicked potential destinations with a direct flight from Singapore, and do not require fully vaccinated Singaporeans to quarantine as of the time of writing. What are your selections?


UAE Desert

United Arab Emirates

Roughly the size of Austria, the charm of the UAE lies in the intriguing contrasts between the seven emirates that makes up the entire nation. October is a perfect time to enjoy the pristine beaches whereas November has a drier and cooler climate, better suited for sightseeing in the sun-scorched region. Travel in peace as almost 70% of the population are fully vaccinated.


Denmark Copenhagen


Nothing beats an authentic hygge journey in the new normal. Embrace the signature Danish happiness through jaunting across lovely harbours in Copenhagen, the charming town and birthplace of Hans Christian Anderson Odense, or the breath-taking scenery on the Faroes Islands in the Fall.


Channel in Amsterdam Netherlands houses river Amstel landmark old european city spring landscape.


Forget the packed and stuffy mass transit railway. Get on a bike, hop on a canal boat to journey through this nautical nation. Voyage beyond the lovely capital of Amsterdam to explore the serene and rustic Dutch countryside and see the Dutch moorlands in the full bloom from the beginning of September.




Journey through the idyllic lakes and picturesque alpine of Switzerland when the air is crisp and cool in Autumn. Experience the seasonal chestnut picking in the forests and attend the grape harvest festival to savour the beloved Swiss wine, of which only 2 percent is exported.


Germany Neuschwanstein Castle


Autumn is the best season to experience the best of Germany without the summer crowd while enjoying a more consistent and comparatively better weather than spring. Celebrate your freedom to roam aimlessly and get lost in historic town with stunning architecture and be awed by the majestic castles such as Neuschwanstein.




Long stretches of white-sand beaches with swaying palm trees awaits you at the island nation of Maldives. Despite a year-round destination, we highly recommend travelling in October for an amiable weather with reasonable price. Pick the most luxurious resort to your liking and dive into the turquoise Indian Ocean from your private pool villa.


Thailand Phuket


Phuket, which has a higher vaccination rate than the rest of the country*, is the major destination of Thailand’s sandbox program. The latest updates of “sandbox” reduces the mandatory stay in Phuket to seven days, that allows you to extend your voyage on the “Sealed Routes” to five other provinces Krabi, Phang-nga, Samui in August and Chiang Mai and Lamphun in October.

*It is reported that as of July 11, 85% of the population in Phuket was partially vaccinated and 67% had received both doses, far exceeding Thailand’s average of 13% of the population having received the first dose and a mere 5% fully vaccinated.


Even as we see borders restrictions relaxing, what we have learnt in the past year is that the situation on the ground can be very fluid and regulations could change at a moment’s notice. Your safety and well-being are of our upmost concerns, and with our extensive networks on the ground, we are here to look after all aspects of your journey to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience. We will be delighted to help and be ready when borders reopen.


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