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The Community of Luquina at Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is one of the destination trips to discover in the country. It is the highest navigable lake in the world which lies 3,810 m above sea level in the Andes. This massive lake should be added to your adventure itinerary for your tour across luxury Peru. Its breathtaking landscapes of the shores and clear skies are simply astounding.

1. Visit the Uros Islands

These man-made floating islands are one of the top tourist destinations for Peru Travel. On your vacation, you will discover the people of Uros making their homes out of reeds whilst catching a glimpse of their daily life in person along with the impressive structures they built.

2. Visit Taquile Island

This is the best place to experience life living in a traditional homestay. You can assist locals in their daily chores, while dining on truly authentic home-cooked Peruvian meals. Passionate local guides make such Peru tours a joyous and humbling experience.

3. Attend the La Candelaria Festival

Every year from the 1st until the 14th of February, this quaint Peruvian city transforms into a festive cacophony of colours, choreographed by a kaleidoscope of swirling dance troupes and religious processions that dazzle all who witness.

4. Visit the Sillustani Ruins

A place for inspiration as you marvel at the beautiful ruins comprising 28 stone burial towers, called chullpas, overlooking Lake Umayo.

sillustani ruins

Famous amongst historians around the world who had a chance to explore the place, they suggest that the tall cylindrical tombs once served as status symbols for the deceased elite and their families.

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