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Webinar – Animal Migrations in Africa

When one thinks of Africa’s animal migration, the Great Wildebeest Migration through Kenya and Tanzania come to mind. But there are plenty of other animals that migrate in Africa too, from air, land and sea. In this Migration in Africa webinar, our expert guest speaker will share with you his tips and recommendations of witnessing animal migrations of zebras, flamingos and many more.


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Seth Vorster, &Beyond safari guide

Growing up on a sugarcane farm in South Africa’s rural Kwazulu-Natal, with magical outdoor spaces to explore, shaped Seth’s early interest in the natural environment. His time-out from school and civil engineering studies was dedicated to exploring game reserves both in and outside of South Africa, hiking South Africa’s spectacular Drakensberg Mountains, and kayaking every off-the-beaten-track river he could get access to. Seth also holds the highly specialized advanced walking/tracking guide qualification, that enables him to provide our guests with the unique experience of tracking dangerous game, including buffalo, black and white rhino, and elephant, on foot.

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