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Germany is perhaps a harmonious symphony of history, culture and natural beauty. Once being a cluster of small kingdoms and ruled by different emperors, Germany perfectly blends various cultural elements, from the Ottonian-style architecture to the Oompah music originated from Eastern European countries. With breathtaking sceneries and numerous museums, not to mention a large array of cuisine and the 46 UNESCO heritage sites, vacationing in Germany is no doubt a satisfying experience.

Step into the culture of Germany through museums that cover every imaginable topic – lose yourself in the classic Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg for a one-stop shop of German history; join the guided tours in Mercedes-Benz Museum to learn the history of the beloved automobile maker and their cars; visit the Deutsches Currywurst Museum in Berlin to discover how much the Germans love their currywurst (sausages in tomato curry) to have dedicated a museum to it.

Above and beyond these cultural sites are the natural landscapes and historical architectures – rent a boat and sail on Alpsee Lake in Bavaria to view its arresting scenery; go road tripping along the tranquil Mosel Valley with its cobblestone villages and fairytale castles set among tranquil vineyards; walk along the Berlin Wall to explore the most iconic murals on it.

If sightseeing does not satisfy your vacation desire, go for the liquid delicacies like the unique smoked beer Bamberg, or award-winning Riesling wines. A trip to Germany would not be complete without sampling the different types of German sausages with unique ingredients and flavours.

As one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world, Germany does not only boast multiplicity in architectures and food. There is a lot more waiting to be discovered in your journey to Germany.

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