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27 March 2023

Antarctica Cruising With Silversea


The ultimate destination for travelers in pursuit of the most extraordinary experience on Earth, Antarctica is a landmass second to none in its beauty, isolation and mystery. Only here can you see seals resting by a stream on pack ice, penguins playing at a rookery or an elephant seal pup taking its first swim. Wildlife abounds—Chinstrap, Adélie and Gentoo penguins come ashore daily to feed.

There will be no place like this as far as you can see, or have ever been before.


“…Antarctica has always been a place of innovation, and a point of differentiation for Silversea.” – Conrad Combrink

One amazing continent, two amazing ways to get there. Choose to fly straight into the heart of Antarctica in just 2 hours, or sail the iconic Drake Passage for an unforgettable experience. Let us experience Antarctica with Mr Conrad Combrink as he shares more about how we can cruise and explore the white continent with Silversea.




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