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18 March 2022

Webinar – The Balkans. A Journey with a Banana Professor


The Balkans, the southeast European Peninsula of dramatic landscape, has seen some of the most interesting and impactful histories of all time. It was here that Roman Empire divided into 2 halves; it was here where the Ottoman, the Habsburg and the Venetian clashed to see who ruled supreme; it was here where WWI started, and it was here where the Cold War played out one of the greatest heights.

Today, the 8 Balkan countries namely Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania carried on with their lives manifested in many ways by all these turbulent histories forming a mosaic of unique cultures and heritage. Theng Hwee, an avid traveler who has journeyed to all these countries over several trips, will share the intriguing tidbits of his latest travel with a professor.

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Chang Theng Hwee, one of the Pioneers of luxury travel in Asia The love of discovering new places and seeking out unique experiences prompted Theng Hwee to make a switch from a promising banking career in 1993 to the world of bespoke travel. Country Holidays Travel was born and soon grew to be one of the pioneers in luxury travel in the region, with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Dubai thus opening doors to some of the most remote destinations including Antarctica, Iran, Ethiopia, Yemen, Mali. The company was bought over by an overseas travel company in 2018. Theng Hwee also was appointed the Secretary General of NATAS (National Association of Travel Agents of Singapore) from 2002 to 2004.

Theng Hwee is co-author of a book, “Treasures of the Indochina”, with accomplished photographer Jimmy Lam.

Out of the 123 countries across 7 continents that he has been to, destinations preserving a unique historical culture and pristine nature appeals most to Theng Hwee. This includes multiple trips to the Balkans, which has intrigued him with their distinctive history and heartfelt tales from the ground. We are delighted to have Theng Hwee share his own stories of this fascinating region in this upcoming webinar, and find out more about the anecdote relating to the banana and the professor.


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