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14 January 2021

How to plan your travels

Travel planning

There are many things that one should keep in mind when planning their travels. First of, it would be good if you could find some basic facts about the country or city. Things like the country’s season are fundamentally important, however, infrastructure, food and transport can also affect your trip drastically. (You don’t have to worry if you’re doing a luxury tour with us though)

Not to mention, covid-19 restrictions may often prevent you from enjoying a day out if you’re not fully vaccinated! Similarly, you might not be able to enter your chosen country on the grounds of tourism.

So how does one coordinate their travels in such a tumultuous time? Here are our two cents.

The Basics of Travel Planning

The first thing you could do is to create a “journey map” of where you want to go, followed by a plan on how you are arriving at your destinations:

  • Make a list of places you would like to visit, and how much time you can allocate to each city. The limit is 2 weeks if you are travelling long-term.
  • Use Google Maps or similar map apps to find out your route from point A to B, estimate cost and travel time for each leg of the journey. (VERY important)
  • Identify the types of accommodation available at each destination. Try to select accommodations that are close to the city centre or target attractions.
  • Study the covid-19 restrictions in the destinations you are heading to (and returning to). Typically ART/PCR tests are required when you are returning to Singapore, though regulations often change. A travel insurance covering covid-19 expenses are also a necessity these days.

Afterwards, you should compile your total expenditure based on the itineraries, hotels and transport you have planned.

Next, you should create a daily budget — remember that you might need ART tests to enter certain establishments in some countries. Multiply that by the number of days you are staying and viola, you have a definitive budget for your trip and a semi-decent travel plan!

Diving deeper

Unfortunately, things do not end there. We often want to stay connected with our loved ones, especially when we are a continent away.

Data Roaming

A data roaming plan by your telecom provider may be worthwhile if they offer bundle deals for popular destinations. However, prepaid cards are almost always cheaper. They make economic sense if you are a heavy internet user — as 25GB in 2 weeks is not exactly impossible to finish.

ICC in Singapore offers corporate traveller rates for their SIM cards across all continents, while local prepaid cards may provide a better deal at slower data speeds (i.e LTE or 3G). Similarly, Changi’s portable Wifi may be better for families.

Photography and Videography (for the casual traveller)

This is often overlooked, however, it is important (who wouldn’t want to record their memories).

Typically your smartphone is sufficient for most pictures — but you can augment them by using lenses. Adding a telephonic lens would allow you to take nice architectural and portrait shots. Similarly a wide-angle lens can capture more of the scenery you are capturing.

If you are filming videos, an anamorphic lens might fit your needs better. You should also consider getting a gimble plus external storage. Of course, portable chargers are a must as your phone’s battery drains very quickly when filming.

It might be worthwhile to get a separate camera if you feel that your smartphone’s features are just not enough.

Local Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

In some instances, your local covid certificate might not be recognised in the country you are travelling to. Hence you should try to apply for one before arriving, or on the day of arrival.

Making life easier

While these are just some of the mandatory steps to your travel planning, you can also take some additional precautions.

For instance, why not plan an “escape route” in case something goes wrong? If you have a disaster plan prepared beforehand, it can be easier to manage disasters.

Of course, the most important aspect is physical preparation. While this might sound tedious and boring, being physically fit will ensure that you have an enjoyable trip! You wouldn’t want to miss a few sights just because you’re tired!


We hope you found this article useful! Travel planning may sound easier than it seems, but truly it is tedious (and often a philosophical dilemma) when it comes down to it.

It is more important, however, to enjoy the process!

If you need a luxury travel agent to plan your journeys, look no further! We help accommodate tours for high net worth individuals on a daily basis.

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