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Lose yourself in the beauty of ancient cities and ruins, revel in the streets of the historic old towns and architectural heritage, marvel at the culturally rich natural landscapes and historic routes and immerse yourself in local interactions and long-established traditions. These History & Culture luxury holidays are made for the ones who travel with a deeper intention to unravel the lush historic timeline and leave with a bank rich in cultural knowledge and stories.
Take the guiding hands of our knowledgeable travel experts as they lead you down the rabbit hole to plunge fully into the culture of a destination, living the way the locals do, exploring remote and off-the-beaten-path villages and even mingling amongst the locals of the modern city.
Enjoy your history & culture holidays with Intriq Journey without compromising on your ideal luxury and comforts. Embark on a leisure day at the museums and temples, get hands-on with the locals in handicraft or cooking workshops, spend the afternoon sailing along the time-honoured lakes and rivers, embark on a journey along the famed silk road and ruins excursions and conclude the night with a luxurious stay in the beautifully preserved castles and traditional yurts. You are bound to leave with an illustrious story to tell.

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