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Savi Jayawardana

Savi Jayawardana

Senior Travel Specialist

(Based in Singapore)

Wisdom can be found in traveling.

Meet Savi, a passionate travel expert dedicated to curating extraordinary experiences for her guests. With an insatiable love for exploration which started at a young age, she has spent years crafting unique and once-in-a-lifetime adventures. Her expertise lies in making the inaccessible accessible, ensuring her guests access special moments that linger in their memories forever. Her commitment to immersive travel and through her expertise, she transforms dreams into reality, leaving travelers with cherished moments that last a lifetime.

Speak to Savi at (+65) 6219 1359 or write to her here to start planning your Intriq Journey!


Call us at +65 6219 1359 or email us at to start planning for a holiday that is completely tailored to your preferences.

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