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We have been closely monitoring the progress of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic through government advisories and our extensive network of industry partners to provide first-hand information from various destinations.

As travel restrictions begin to ease gradually, you are probably anticipating the prospects of travelling again and have some questions on what to expect. We have put together the Frequently Asked Questions to help you realise your travel plans for 2021 and beyond with peace of mind.

COVID-19 Travel FAQ

What are the latest updates on the COVID-19 situation in different destinations?

We have compiled useful official resources with the latest information below:

Travel Restrictions (IATA):

COVID-19 Case Updates (WHO):

You may also refer to the latest official government advisories based on your domicile location:


Hong Kong:


I am worried about uncertainties travelling during this time, what flexibility do you have if my plans change?

We understand that travel regulations in the “new normal” is constantly evolving; that is why we are working hard to provide you with as much peace of mind and flexibility as possible.

With Intriq Journey, you can book with confidence knowing that you need to pay a 10% deposit to secure your trip. We allow full cancellation refund or postponement up to 30 days before departure for changes related to COVID-19.

As each of our journeys is wholly personalised and bespoke, there may be some exceptional cases where some elements of your trip may incur a non-refundable cost. If this is the case, we will be very upfront and inform you before booking to help you make informed decisions.

If you wish to postpone travel to a season where rates are different, we will communicate the cost difference according to our payment terms.

For very last-minute bookings or those who want to cancel or rebook under 30 days, Intriq Journey will still do everything we can to accommodate and support you.

Why is booking through Intriq Journey better and safer than arranging on my own?

Thanks to our long-standing relationship with industry partners, we have the leverage to extend preferred partner benefits and negotiate greater flexibility in case your travel plans change.

We also have close contact with our ground partners who provide a first-hand account on how it is like travelling right now and real-time updates in case anything happens in your destination of choice.

Most importantly, you can feel at ease, knowing that our curated accommodations, guides, and transportation providers are screened for their COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

If I choose to travel, what are the benefits of booking and/or travelling now rather than waiting first?

Through our extensive network of industry contacts, Intriq Journey has access to multiple offers and preferred partner benefits to help you realise your travel plans at much more significant value during this time.

You can better enjoy many iconic destinations that are usually trodden by tourists now, without having to elbow your way through the crowd.

If you have much unconsumed annual leave, this may finally be the time to take on that epic far-flung journeys that you usually do not have the time. Whether scenic overland journeys or private jet arrangements, we can help make your long-overdue travel dreams possible.

Who do I contact if I have a future/current travel impacted by COVID-19?

Before departure, all guests will receive a list of Intriq Journey and in-destination partner’s emergency contacts to assist you in the event COVID-19 impacts your travel.

Suppose you have an existing holiday impacted by COVID-19 due to travel more than 60 days or less. In that case, you may contact your assigned Travel Specialist to discuss the appropriate options available to you.

How long before departure should I take the COVID-19 test? What happens to my booking if I fail the test?

The time validity of the test result may vary between countries. We highly recommend getting adequate travel insurance if you are tested positive for COVID-19 immediately just before the trip, which will prevent you from travelling.

The time validity of the test result may vary between countries. Presently, insurance companies in China do not cover losses from trip change or cancellation. If you are tested positive for COVID-19 before the trip, we will endeavor our best to support minimizing losses through rebooking or postponement.

What if I become unwell on my trip?

Together with our in-destination partners, we will be on hand to assist you with the appropriate support, whether directing you to a medical care or helping you return home. We highly recommend getting adequate travel insurance to ensure you will be covered for COVID-19 medical fees and related costs.

What if I encounter travel restrictions while I am abroad?

Together with our in-destination partners, we will advise the appropriate options available to you. We may be making adjustments so that the trip continues smoothly, assisting your return home if you are required to curtail your journey or other appropriate options.

What can I expect for air travel during this time?

The global airline authority, IATA, has recommended key health and safety measures which you can view here:

The safety measures may vary between destinations and airlines as the situation evolves. However, there are a few things you may want to anticipate during this time:

– Allocate more time than usual due to increased safety protocols

– Wearing of face masks on board and at the airport

– Temperature screening and frequent hand sanitisation may be required at key points

– Check-in and bag drop kiosks may be in high demand due to limit in staff-passenger contacts

– Deep cleaning and sanitisation of aircraft and high contact areas

– Some airlines may discontinue F&B and magazine services to limit contacts

– Hand sanitisers of not more than 100ml will be allowed in cabin luggage

– Possible consideration for social distancing, including limiting lavatory visits on board

– On arrival in a new destination, you may be asked to download a contact tracing app

For added health and safety measures, we can also tailor-make private jet trips for you.

What are some other things to be expected during my travel?

While this varies between destinations, establishments and local regulations, you may anticipate some of the following practices to take place:

– Face masks, temperature checks, frequent hand sanitisation and social distancing, may be required; along with various other safety protocols.

– More waiting time expected before entering attractions, buildings and facilities

– You may need to pre-book a time slot for meals and facilities and bearing in mind some facilities and self-service meals may also be temporarily discontinued

– Some establishments may discontinue paper menus and require ordering via mobile apps or QR codes

– Some establishments may not accept cash and require payment by credit card or contactless payment

– Hotel and restaurants may minimise contact and reduce some services, such as providing room cleaning, beverage pouring or luggage handling services by request only

– Non-essential items such as magazines may be removed from your room and other establishments

What additional items should I pack?

You may want to consider bringing the following items with you during your trip:

– Face masks

– Hand sanitisers and sanitising wipes

– Portable chargers, as you may be required to use QR codes and various apps more frequently than before

– Personal entertainment items, as longer waiting times may occur and/or some entertainment services may be discontinued

What about travel insurance?

Travel insurance has never been more important. Insurance companies now offer coverage against COVID-19, and we strongly recommend that you are adequately covered. Besides COVID-19 coverage, your travel insurance plan will also protect against other items such as flight delays, loss of baggage and personal money.

You may also refer to below recommended insurance providers with COVID-19 coverage based on your domicile location:


Hong Kong:

China: Presently, insurance companies in China do not cover losses from trip change or cancellation. However, AIG provides some medical fee coverage:


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